Our Quality Assurance Team Work For You to Ensure The Deliverables Meet The Strict Quality Standards

For over 10+ years of practical experience to ensure quality of our deliverables, we at Biblig have quality masters who are ISTQB and agile certified, and are well versed with the capabilities to smoothly blend the QA process into SDLC.

Review Process

By reviewing the documents like requirements, system designs, etc. Our quality experts make sure that they find and remove errors and clear ambiguities as early as early as possible in the software development life cycle.

Test Planning & Strategy

Test plan play a key part in the software testing process. A good test plan reduces the cost and increases the quality of the application. Which means our clients receives a cost effective and bug free application.

Test Designing & Development

In this stage our experts break down the test conditions into multiple sub conditions and writhe the test cases, requirement traceability is matrix is also prepare to ensure the 100% coverage, identification of test data and test bed preparation is also done.


Prioritizing of the test cases and to identify which test will become the part of regression suite is finalize in this phase, also if in future automation of the project is planned then identifying and extracting of those test cases are also performed.

Test Execution

Once all the prerequisites are achieved, then the execution of the test cases and test suites takes place, our QA masters before starting the execution cross checks the entry criteria is met or not, at the same time we maintain the traceability matrix to track the progress.


Post execution our experts create an easy to understand meaningful set of reports, these reports are in the form of traditional bug sheet, graphical report and code coverage report. We also conduct a presentation after every submission to transfer the progress of the project.

How we assure a 100% test coverage?

We at Byblig have a well versed team of certified QA masters, who are expertise in testing complex functionalities with versatile domain specific knowledge, and with the rich past experience we have built our own set of strategies via which we make sure the 100 percent coverage.

Once a project is aligned we review the requirements and clears the ambiguities, then a requirement traceability matrix is prepared through which, we ensure that each requirement is associated with the use case and then the use cases are further broken into test cases.

Types of test reports we provide

  • Review Report
  • Unit Test Report
  • Integration Test Report
  • Regression Test Report
  • Test Analytics

Why to partner with Byblig?

  • We have 10+ years of practical experience in software testing.
  • We have domain experts.
  • We understand the sensitivity and value of  quality.
  • We understand the value of our customers time and money.