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How to contact in case of any query or question?

You can email us at 

How many users I can create and assign the roles?

There is no such user limit.

What if I delete the administrator of the app?

If the app is having only one administrator, we suggest you first make another user the administrator of the app and then delete the first one. The app should have at lease one administrator in active state .

Can you customize the app for me?

Yes, we also provide tailor made features, please reach out us at to discuss further.

What will happen if the administrator makes a user inactive?

Once the administrator makes any user, expert or administrator inactive, that user will only be able to create a ticket and other navigation will not appear to him/her.

Why Settings, Advance Report & License links are appearing disable to me?

These features are the part of our premium version of the app which are coming soon.

Can a single user have administrator and expert user role both at the same time?

Yes, administrator can also be an expert simultaneously, from “Users” page you can assign another role as “Expert” to the administrator and refresh the page.

Note: To be an administrator + expert do not edit the role of the administrator, instead of that assign a new user role as an “Expert” to the same administrator.

From where I can get the user manual of the app?

You can get the user manual from the “Help” page present in the app or please click here to get the user guide.

I want to know more about Help Desk Pro?

Please click here to know more about Help Desk Pro.